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Makeup has been largely thought to be dependent on personal feelings. REIKO KAZKI, however, applies a theoretical framework to makeup, testing and embodying the theories in products, and offering a new “How to” by which everyone can get a desired outcome. Each of the concepts and techniques including "KAZKI massage," or massage from top to bottom, which defy the common wisdom, offers strikingly new approaches, which in turn have attracted much media attention. This attention is one reason why REIKO KAZKI is called the "leading authority of anti-aging."

Born 1952 in Osaka
President & CEO, REIKO KAZKI, LTD.

Founder of “Facial Therapist”:
Through "Rehabilitation Make up" helps large number of patients suffering from psychological disorder due to facial problems.

Doctor of Medical Dentistry :
Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Science.
Advances in Oral Frontier Program, March 2005

Authority of“Rehabilitation Make-up”:
A make up technique to not just to cover the problem area, but a special techniques to nurse and restore self-confidence to patients suffering from psychological discontent due to facial burns and scars.
Reiko Kazki suffered from facial redness each winter due to congenial heart disease from childhood. However, recovered through heart surgery at age 30. She then learned specialized facial make-up techniques and worked as a volunteer to apply make up at nursing homes."Rehabilitation Make up" coming from women's standpoint is well supported by countless number of women. Ms. Kazki's theory has been featured in television as well as magazine for wide range of women of all ages. She has announced thesis concerning “Rehabilitation Make up” to the academic society magazine, and to enhance the value of the make-up, holds numerous lectures at enterprises, hospitals, universities, academic and the public societies throughout Japan.

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